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май 17th, 2010

XIV Международна лятна конференция по вероятности и статистика (ISCPS-2010), Семинар по статистически анализ на данни (SDA-2010), Симпозиум по разклоняващи се процеси и приложенията им (WBPA-2010)

По-долу е побликувана поканата за събитието.

The Organizing Committee of the joint event


Sozopol, Bulgaria, 19-26 June 2010

would like to invite you to take part in this joint event.

The Conference and the Seminar are organized by

  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University
  • Bulgarian Statistical Society.
  • New Bulgarian University.

We plan to organize several sessions in the field of

  • Stochastic Processes,
  • Limit Theorems,
  • Financial Mathematics,
  • Combinatorial Analysis,
  • Theoretical and Applied Statistics,
  • Applications in Biology,Industry, Economics and Education of Statistics.

Please send us your suggestions.

Sozopol is a charming fisherman village on the Black Sea cost and an attractive tourist place with its beaches, golden sands, piers, taverns, old wooden houses, churches and modern discotheques.

The participants will be accommodated in the Red Cross Residence just on the beach of the gulf. In this period the temperatures of the air and of the water in the Black Sea are about 25 d. C (77 d. F). Please visit our web site for more information and registration.

If you kindly agree to take part in the conference, please, fill in your registration in our web site with your full mailing address and follow the instruction about the abstract, the registration fee and the accommodation.

Preliminary Program

  • Arrival date: 19 June 2010 (Saturday)
  • Conference work: 20 June – 25 June
  • Excursion: 23 June (Wednesday)
  • Welcome party: 20 June (Sunday)
  • Farewell party: 24 June (Thursday)
  • Departure dates: 26 June (Saturday) or 26 June (Sunday)

The deadline for abstracts is April 15, 2010, as well as for the reduced registration fee and accommodation.

Further information will appear also in our Web Page:

For the correspondence and additional information, please, use the e-mail
of the Secretary of the Organizing Committee Dr. E. Stoimenova
of the Site Administrator Dimitar Atanasov.

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декември 17th, 2009

Задачи по вероятности (СМИТ) – Комбинаторика

Й. Стоянов, И. Миразчийски, Цв.Игнатов и М.Танушев

Ръководство за упражнения по теория на вероятностите

глава Комбинаторика

целия текст

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декември 17th, 2009

Първата „теория на вероятностите“ на български

Предна корица
Предна корица
Първа страница

Това е най-старата и може би  първата книга – учебник по теория на вероятностите на български език.

Екземпляр от нея има в библиотеката на Факултета по математика и информатика на Софийския университет „Св.Климент Охридски“.

Авторът Хресто Балтаджиев е учител в Пловдив. Книжката е учебник за неговите ученици от  Държавната реална гимназия „Александър Батенберг“.

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